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We have assisted many clients in all aspects of copyright law. Copyright is ever increasing in importance as digital communications and transactions become ubiquitous in every aspect of modern society. When the framers of the United States Constitution empowered the U.S. Congress to "promote the progress of science and useful arts" and authorized Congress to establish a system of copyrights "by securing for limited times to authors . . . the exclusive right to their respective writings" they could little have known the importance of copyright law in today's world.

The 1976 Copyright Act, which went into effect on January 1, 1978, was modified to allow the United States accession to the Berne Convention (the major international copyright treaty) which became effective March 1, 1989, has increased the importance of copyright law to all participants in today's marketplace. The 1976 Copyright Act has recently been amended to extend copyright protection for many works to over one hundred years. The current copyright statute provides copyright laws favorable to owners of copyrighted works and is consistent with international copyright laws. Taking all the available steps to secure all rights afforded by the Copyright Act, before any such rights are forfeited, can make the difference between successfully prosecuting a copyright infringer and being left without an effective weapon against infringers.

Copyright registrations we have obtained for clients include those listed below.

TX 5-391-108 - The Effect of implementing a caring model on patient satisfaction

TX 5-455-601 - Mexican Grill Menu

VA 1-118-781 - Two Toucans

VA u 559-384 - Skyline Village Cafe Rio - First level floor plan

VA u 591-665 - Crazy Horse Colorization