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United States Patent and Trademark Office
The Library of Congress
United States Copyright Office
The Intellectual Property Law Server
Legal Information Institute : Cornell Law School
Findlaw - Law, Lawyers, and Legal Resources
International Intellectual Property Institute
Search the Opinions of the U.S. Supreme Court


Conduct an On-Line Preliminary, Non-Final Patent Search:
(1) U.S. Government Patent Searcher
(2) Delphion Patent Searcher

Conduct an On-Line Preliminary, Non-Final Trademark Search:
(1) U.S. Government Trademark Searcher
(2) NameProtect.com Trademark Searcher

Conduct an On-Line Preliminary, Non-Final Copyright Search:
U.S. Government Copyright Searcher

Conduct an On-line Preliminary, Non-Final Domain Name Search:
Whois.net Internet Domain Name Searcher

Intellectual Property Search Portal:
Patent, Trademark and Copyright Search Portal

NOTE: We recommend these on-line search resources as useful and helpful. However, do not rely on the completeness of a search, or any conclusions drawn from a search, without first consulting an experienced intellectual property law attorney. Patent searches should be discussed with patent practitioners registered to practice with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

DISCLAIMER: Clayton Howarth provides the above links as a public service, and has found them to be useful. However, Clayton Howarth does not manage or control the web sites those links lead to, and therefore disclaims responsibility for the content of those linked web sites and any legal ramifications resulting from or concerning their use.