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Our experience in patent law includes hundreds of patents obtained for clients around the world and prosecuting or defending patent infringement actions for many clients. A patent can provide a tremendous competitive edge and higher profits if used correctly.

However, it can be difficult to know when to pursue a patent or patent infringement action and when not to. There is more than one way to claim a product or method in a patent, and the strength and value of a patent therefore depends upon how well the claims are written and prosecuted. A claim which is too narrow will not protect the invention, even though a patent is granted, whereas a well-written broad claim will provide protection but may be readily invalidated by an infringer. In addition, the effectiveness of a patent application often depends upon whether a patent search was performed and how thorough the search was.

A patent search which is too rushed and not sufficiently thorough may result in a patent application that is too broad to survive a final rejection in the Patent Office, resulting in a poor use of a client's resources. Taking all available steps in conducting an effective patent search and opinion, and producing a balanced array of patent claims, can make the difference between successfully prosecuting a patent infringer and being left without an effective weapon against infringers.

Patents which we have obtained for clients include those listed below.

6,043,871 - System and method for measuring blood platelet function

6,169,475 - System and method for active detection of connection to a network

6,422,432 - Device for directed deliverance of free-flowing materials

6,620,597 - Method for in vitro amplification of circular DNA

6,660,948 - Switch matrix

6,664,529 - 3D multispectral lidar

6,783,678 - Halogenated solvent remediation

D472,226 - Communication center with display